Post-Partum (2004)

Post-Partum (2004)


When I was two months old my mother abandoned me, leaving me in my grandmother’s care. She could no longer bear the sound of my incessant crying. So many tears drive me to the water’s edge. Towards water that I have always been so afraid of. In a thought, in a moment, I revisited my past, I revisited hers…


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Director’s Statement

Somewhere in between dream and reality, this autobiographical film is inspired from the post-partum depression my mother suffered shortly after giving birth to me. I decided to make a film in order to revisit our past, with the three central women who were touched by this depression (my mother, my grandmother and myself). Symbolically, these women are universal because there is no face to post-partum depression.


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Team and Credits

Director, Producer and Scriptwriter

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre


Korbett Matthews

Underwater Cinematography

Benoit Beaulieu

Thesis Supervisor

Guylaine Dionne

Sound Design

Jonah Kamphorst

Sound Mix

Tim Horlor

Graphic Artist

Cliff Caines


Cécile Michaud, Hélène St-Pierre, Julie St-Pierre, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre