McLaren’s Negatives (2006)

McLaren’s Negatives (2006)


An intimate look at cinematographic creation, this visual essay shares with us secrets of the legendary canadian animator Norman Mclaren and his personal view of filmmaking.

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Director’s Statement

To me, Norman Mclaren is the greatest film animator of all time.  Not only is his body of work rich and inspirational, it also shows a unique approach to filmmaking through visual and technical innovations.  My fascination for this master of animation has pushed me to make a short animated documentary film as an homage to his genius.



MJSTP Films Inc would like to thank Donald McWilliams for his precious help with the making of this film.

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Team and Credits

Director, Producer, Scriptwriter and Research

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Editing and Compositing

Kara Blake

Animation and Layouts

Brigitte Archambault

Artistic Director

Korbett Matthews


Patrick Coutu

Post-Production Supervisor

Cliff Caines

Technical Coordinator

Marcus von Holtzendorff

Associate Producer

Sylvain Corbeil

Original Music

Adam O’Callaghan (Saxophone), Dominique Côté (Drums) and Tyler Mauney (Bass)

Music Recording

Gilles Castilloux and Kees Dekker

Foley Recording

Jace Lasek

Sound Design

Hugo Brochu

Dolby Sound Consultant

Steve F.B. Smith

Original Interviews of McLaren by

Steve Dale, Jorge Reyes, Anthony Kent, Magnus Isacsson, Peter Raymont