Passages (2008)

Passages (2008)


It was with great enthusiasm that I found out that I was expecting my first child. While I was awaiting the arrival of my bundle of joy, I never expected my labour would turn into a nightmare and that my baby and I would end up at death’s door…


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Director’s Statement

Passages is the autobiographical story of the catastrophic birth of my first daughter Fiona that found herself fighting for survival because of a lack of adequate medical support.  Revendication, denounciation and education were for me the key words while I was making this film.  Because no one should experience the trauma that we had to go through.

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Team and Credits

Director, Producer and Scriptwriter

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Animation and Layouts

Brigitte Archambault

Special Effects

Kara Blake


Kara Blake and Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre


Kara Blake, Korbett Matthews and Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Delegate Producer

Sylvain Corbeil


Zénaïde Lussier

Sound Design

Hugo Brochu

Sound Effects

Lise Wedlock