MJSTP Films Inc. is a unique film production company founded in 2004 by independent film producer, director and animator Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre. 

Located in Sainte-Foy, Québec, MJSTP Films produces groundbreaking animated documentary films that have been screened all around the world.

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Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre

 Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre is a Québécois filmmaker based in Québec (Canada)  who’s animated documentary work shows new approaches in nonfiction storytelling, blurring the lines between documentary and drama.

The award-winning director and film animator has directed several animated documentary films including Post-PartumMcLaren’s NegativesPassagesThe Sapporo ProjectFemaleJUTRA Flocons, Oscar, Your mother is a thief! and Lauzon’s Theory.
Saint-Pierre’s work has claimed international attention being shown in over 150 film festivals as well as international recognition winning many Awards. She has been featured in books, magazines as well as on television.

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre founded MJSTP Films, an animation and documentary production company in 2004.

She has lectured on the art of the animated documentary filmmaking in Europe, Asia and in Canada. She has also been a jury member for many events such as Arts Council, Film Festivals and Nominating Comitees.

In 2008, she was selected as the international artist in residency for the S-AIR Inter-cross Creative Center in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2020, she completed her PhD. in Études et pratiques des arts (UQÀM). Since April 2021, she is a full time professor at the Design School of Laval University.

Her new animated film is about director Jean-Claude Lauzon Lauzon’s Theory  .