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Femelles is an animated documentary on the difficulties and taboos of childbirth and motherhood. Anonymously, woman share their most intimate secrets of the journey towards childbirth and beyond. Sometimes surprising, funny and sad, these touching testimonies take us to the world of women that share an exceptionnal privilege, the one of being called Mom…


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Director’s Statement

Becoming a mother has been for me the biggest shock of my life. With this film, I aim to document the reality of mothers who experience this profound change. This animated documentary wants to demystify and dedramatize childbirth, educate and bring the population’s attention to the reality ofmothers and, ultimately, give back the maternal proudness by validating woman who bear children.


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Director, Producer and Scriptwriter

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Animation and Layouts

Brigitte Archambault

Special Effects

Kara Blake


Kara Blake and Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre


Kara Blake, Korbett Matthews and Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Delegate Producer

Sylvain Corbeil


Zénaïde Lussier

Sound Design

Hugo Brochu

Sound Effects

Lise Wedlock