Focal Press & Animated Realism: French Canada’s Rising Star

By Judith Kriger
Focal Press, USA
December 2011

Canadian filmmaker Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre has just come back from the prestigious Cannes International Film Fest where her documentary Jutra was featured in the lineup of the 46th Director’s Fortnight – an honor not simply bestowed on any film.

Animated Realism: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Animated Documentary Genre

"As a Gen X producer, director, writer and animator, Saint-Pierre is passionate about women's issues. She bravely explores the painful and sometimes political matters pertaining to childbirth and motherhood and includes her own personal experiences as a young mother. In Jutra, Saint-Pierre returns her focus to the world of Canadian film by educating her audiences about another beloved director and uses her own artistic sensibilities to push the medium of animated documentary forward in personal and unique ways."

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