Jutra (2014)


Ingeniously combining archival material and animated sequences, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre has created a cinematic and clever portrait of the man who gave us Mon oncle Antoine, filmmaker Claude Jutra. Continuing work begun in 2006 with McLaren’s Negatives, which focused on Norman McLaren, Saint-Pierre hones her quest for a unique form of animated documentary, skillfully and boldly synthesizing the life and career of another giant of cinema.

Through the magic of editing and animation, Claude Jutra engages in a dialogue with himself at various stages of his life, thereby becoming the witty narrator of his own biography. Excerpts from home movies, interviews and well-known works by the filmmaker artfully blend and overlap to tell the story of an existence devoted to creation. Jutra is at once a tribute, a love song to filmmaking, and the retelling of the tragedy of a brilliant artist who died too young. Produced by Marie-Josée St-Pierre (MJSTP films) in co-production with the NFB (Marc Bertrand). – Marcel Jean

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Director’s Statement


  • Jutra is selected for the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival!

Claude Jutra is without a doubt the most important film director that came out of Québec.  His body of work is an invaluable source for film fans all around the world mainly with Mon Oncle Antoine.  But behind this creative genius lies a troubled personal life haunted by demons. 

This film seeks to understand the causes that led the famous filmmaker to commit suicide.

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Christine Noël

Nadine Viau



MJSTP Films Inc. would like to thank Michel Jutras for his precious collaboration in the making of this film.

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Team and Credits

Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Research and Special Effects

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre


Marc Bertrand

Delegate Producer

Yanick Létourneau and Jocelyne Perrier


Brigitte Archambault

Animation Assistants

Sin-Aly Kanaté and Keyu Chen


Oana Suteu

Sound Design

Olivier Calvert


Lise Wedlock