Short… and to the point: Passages

By John Wildman
American Film Institute Festival, Los Angeles, USA
October 2008

From Hiroshima, Japan, Marie-Josée gives an interview to John Wildman from the American Film Institute.

"Marie-Josee’s short animated film, PASSAGES begins like an etch-a-sketch primer on the beauty and awe of bringing a new life into the world. Unfortunately, just as everyone who has gone through the experience will tell you—over and over and over again—that’s just the beginning. And for Marie-Josee, thanks to what may be the most thorough collection of incompetent people gathered under one roof to care for the ill and infirm—it nearly became the end for her child. But the film is not simply an indictment on one particular hospital or one woman’s harrowing nightmare of a birthing experience gone horribly wrong. It manages to aim for and hit a trickier target—the wonder and fear, then fortitude and fighting spirit of a new mother and her newborn child."

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