The Blue Marble (2014)


A film directed by Co Hoedeman : The Blue Marble is a story about a young girl kidnapped from her village and forced by insurgents to become a ruthless child soldier. Using facts and fiction, the narrator tells a story of oppression and hope.

Film Images

Director’s Statement

A large part of my film career has been dedicated to making films about and for children, with an emphasis on their creativity and imagination. This time around, children are still the focal point, but the perspective is very different. This film concerns the children who are abused and preyed upon to serve as child soldiers in war-torn countries. Wherever in the world they live, these children all have one thing in common: They are at the mercy of adults who exploit them for their own selfish needs, without regard to their basic rights as human beings. These children are treated as throwaway goods. – Co Hoedeman


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Team and Credits

Direction, Animation, Production, Script

Co Hoedeman


Galilé Marion-Gauvin, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Special Effects

Brigitte Archambault, Keyu Chen, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre


Oana Suteu

Online Editing

Denis Gathelier

Sound Editing

Olivier Calvert


Geoffrey Mitchell


Serge Boivin

Original Score

Pierre Yves Drapeau


Koumba Ball, Mousa Koné, Michel Mpambara, Syntyche Nkiesa Nsosa, Soulevan Ouedraogo